Our innovative approach takes gamers' enjoyment to a new level.

Since 2009, we've partnered with SCE and their gaming studio, Guerrilla Games, to develop some of the most innovative experiences for the gaming community. Our technical team has worked in an agile way with game developers to release improvements and updates in response to user experience and advances in technology.

Defining the next generation gaming experience

We enabled players to use any device to customize and share almost every aspect of the game, taking the Shadow Fall experience far beyond the Playstation 4 console.

- Most shared game on Twitch
- 7000 custom warzones created
- 27000 custom loadouts

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Raising the game for console warriors

We tracked the 'business' of killing with a sophisticated analytics tool, helping players to increase income and improve on their lethal performance.

- In detail cash flow and performance stats
- Analytics of gameplay to optimize tactics
- Stats comparison with other top killers

Building the headquarters for all battlefields

We strengthened ties with the Killzone community by creating a central .com for all games as well as fans' conversations, helping us gather feedback and ideas for further game development.

- Strong community listening
- Content as sales and marketing
- Uniting the Killzone ecosystem

Spreading the fun to even more Karaoke fans

We increased the entertainment value of karaoke by creating a platform for wannabe showbusiness stars to share their performances with friends, family and beyond.

- Localised for 23 markets
- Full concepting and UX design
- Technical integration with Playstation Network

Outlining the future of comic book reading

We helped fans of comics enjoy thousands of stories wherever they are by accessing them from their favourite console.

- Product catalogue with 4000 titles
- Localised for 11 markets
- Technical integration with Playstation Network

"This is a great example of working hand in glove with our clients. At every stage, our technical team has consulted and supported Sony's game developers to make sure our experiences live up to the expectations of gamers"

Stefan Koch Global Technical Director

Taking gamers' enjoyment of their experience to a new level.

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Bringing seasoned and new motorheads closer to the thrill of the road.

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