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Sculpting an identity of haircare hilarity


In the UK, this once leading brand of hair styling products was steadily losing market share. Not only was it being outspent by local rivals, but more importantly, it was also struggling to connect with their primary customers, teenagers.


Without the means to increase their spending, Shockwaves’ focus had to be on identifying once more with their audience. We recognised that amongst this age group there have been big changes in behaviour in recent years. They interact with each other in new ways; they are creators and curators of culture, as well as consumers of it. But this generation also struggles to feel appreciated.


We conducted a series of borderless thinking workshops to understand better how to celebrate and empower this often-misunderstood age group. The result was ‘style is your playground’, a new brand vision that encourages creativity and gives teenagers the confidence to be who they want to be.

Social content calendar

We combined a social channel communication strategy with an extensive supply of custom-designed, shareable content. This included material that could capitalise on news relevant events.

#readytoplay videos

We created fun video content that could be easily shared amongst teenagers but which also spoke on behalf of Shockwaves hair styling products.

A new look

We supported this new brand vision with a consistently eye-catching visual approach that would lend Shockwaves greater visibility.


For the duration of this campaign, the video content was watched over half a million times. Since this was achieved without any media support, it shows the power of advocacy amongst style-stricken teenagers.

"What began as a brand refresh became a comprehensive messaging platform with brand guidelines and a distinctive visual style that genuinely resonates with how young people today think and feel." Craig Stuart Executive Creative Director