Rolls-Royce Marine (UT 40 years)

Celebrating the offshore industry's leading vessel design.


UT sets a benchmark in ship design for the offshore industry. To celebrate the 40th anniversary of its launch, Rolls-Royce wanted to remind customers how influential this vessel has been and how it continues to evolve. With more and more competition offering UT designs, the goal was also to strengthen their position as market leader.

Cultural Insight

We understood that there were many powerful stories to be told around the range of UT vessels and the 40th anniversary was the perfect opportunity to share them.

Instead of creating a one-off event with a short life span, we took the approach of designing an experience that would develop into a year-long conversation.

We created an integrated campaign built around the message, 'UT - the ship that launched a thousand stories', building an online platform at its heart.


Using engaging online video content, we encouraged visitors to explore UT from a number of different viewpoints, as well as meet the people behind the vessel's success.

The content was divided over four key areas: environmental solutions, equipment solutions, pursuit of excellence and future proof. An additional layer of information on UT products and systems provided relevant facts and statistics to support the stories.

The platform went live with a content strategy that regularly releases new video content throughout the life of the campaign. We also put together a conversation calendar to raise awareness of the campaign and distribute content throughout the year.

A global community

A live map plots the many varieties of UT vessels and their locations across the world. Members of the UT community can add themselves to the vessels via LinkedIn and invite fellow crew or other contacts, strengthening the relationship between Rolls-Royce and their customers.

Conversation starters

An interactive 'Ask Us' messaging feature allows visitors to post UT-related questions, which are answered and made public on a dedicated page.