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Peugeot 108

Discovering your automotive soul mate.


Peugeot needed to launch their new 108 into the Dutch market in a way that would increase awareness of this small car, create positive sentiment and lead to more people signing up for a test drive; in other words, get more ‘bums on seats’.


To the average motorist, the A-Segment of cars (mini cars) all look similar; in fact the 108 comes off the same production line as the Toyota Aygo and Citroen C1. This means decisions are very much cost driven.

Our first goal was to disrupt this rational mindset with a means of conveying the high quality of the in-situ experience, a key differentiator for Peugeot.

If we could engage them to discover more about the 108 whilst interest was high, we could nudge them to sign up for a test drive and perhaps even give them an in-seat experience there and then.


With traditional advertising not equipped to achieve this level of interaction, we created an online app that delivered a very simple, easy-to-engage-with idea.

The app allowed people to connect with Facebook, project their own personality onto the car and see which 108 model best suited them. Users could play with their personalised 108 and share this on their social profiles, which in turn would encourage more people to try it for themselves.


We used traditional and digital channels to drive people to the online app as well as the influential Peugeot Dealership network.

Pop up Peugeot

We then took this idea into the real world and developed a pop up experience that also allowed people to connect with Facebook and have their personality projected onto a real 108.


We measured results in three areas: awareness, test drive bookings and encouragement of Facebook Likes.



Brand awareness and positive perception increased from 64% to 88%.


test drives

There was also a 3% visitor-to-test drive booking conversion, which is higher than average.


referral traffic

Social content successfully engaged Peugeot followers too, with channels contributing almost 45% of identifiable referral traffic.

"Car advertising usually falls short when it comes to connecting with customers on a personal level. But taking an innovative approach proves that it can be done, and done brilliantly." Craig Stuart Executive Creative Director