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Pampers baby book

Sharing and publishing lasting memories from a baby's first years.


As their global digital agency since 2009, Nomads has been responsible for the entire Pampers digital ecosystem. To stay ahead of rival brands, we regularly develop innovations and experiences that strengthen and expand the relationship parents have with Pampers.


Moms and dads have a very different lifestyle and mindset to the one their own parents had not long ago. They lead non-stop lives, juggling family with work, friends and personal interests.

They actively use the online community to help them with parenting. So even though they’re busy, they’re in control and have high expectations of products and brands.

The first year is also a particularly special time for parents but, despite digital technology, there hasn’t been a convenient way to document it in a way that fits intuitively with their online habits.


We decided to help moms and dads gather, share and publish the most memorable moments from their baby’s first years, integrating that with a set of behaviors they are already familiar with. That led us to the one place where we know they already spend much of their time, Facebook.

We created an application on Facebook, which parents can use to collect their baby pictures together with comments from friends and family. They can print them in high quality book form for a gift or as a keepsake.

Creating a book of photos used to be a private, solitary process. But with Baby Book, the experience is now much more participatory, engaging and involving parents’ wider network.

Baby Book is also supported by a content strategy that takes into account the interests and habits of parents, refining messaging around the application so they can get the best experience from the app and the brand.

Simple to use

All the comments and likes are automatically added with each photo and users can easily share their creations with friends and family.

Choice of designs

Users can choose from a range of themes, colours, filters and stickers to create a completely personalized book.

A book to hold

Printing a book creates a lasting physical record, not just for baby, but also for the friends and family who have shared in its creation.


Baby Book is the first digital ‘goodwill’ product launched by Pampers. It is being used in 38 markets and has earned 5.5 million impressions. It was installed more than 230,000 times in the first year and has achieved a Facebook rating of 4.4 out of 5. Moms and dads are spending up to 20 minutes on the app, creating memories that will last forever.


Books created

Many parents have successfully completed their Baby Book projects.

2.5 M

Story likes

Baby Book has seen a high level of engagement from stories created.

8.25 mins

Minutes on site

Users spend more time experimenting with ideas and creating layouts.

Easy to use and fun, ‘Baby book’ has helped Pampers connect with parents on their terms, while showing the brand to be both generous and creative.