Max Factor

Helping beauty consultants recommend the perfect make-up for women everywhere


Max Factor is famous for its facial symmetry and colour harmony theory, as well as its legacy of endorsements by Hollywood stars. Our challenge was to help Max Factor create more glamour in stores in order to stand out in the make-up aisles crowded with brands, colours and products. We had to find an engaging way to give Max Factor a fresh advantage over their competitors at the point of sale.


We know how challenging it is for beauty consultants to encourage women to try out new make-up products. Our innovative tool inspires their make-up artistry skills and makes an accurate diagnosis to help them recommend personalised products.


Nomads worked with Max Factor to concept, design and develop Perfect Colour, a retail iPad application that matches a customer’s skin tone to the ideal make-up choice for their complexion. Within two months we brought the idea from concept stage to market, with the ultimate goal of rolling out the app to Max Factor’s more than 5000 beauty consultants.

Colour profile and analysis

The app uses the built-in iPad camera to create an image of the customer, which is then analysed to produce a personal colour profile.

Digital library of learning material

Beauty consultants can further develop their skills and knowledge with learning material that includes tutorials, Max Factor history and tips and tricks.

Full product catalogue

The customer’s profile and colour preferences are matched with the most appropriate Max Factor product choices from an extensive catalogue.


To date, Perfect Colour has been trialled in the UK and Dubai. Both markets have reported a noticeable increase in point of sale contacts and in-store engagement with the brand. The app was launched in December 2015 and will be rolled out in several countries in 2016. To ensure even more beauty consultants will be able to bring more glamour in-store, a mobile phone version will be launched in June 2016.

“It’s fascinating to see a project like this develop almost in front of your eyes. We’re constantly getting insights and making improvements, which makes Perfect Colour as inspiring for us as it is for women in-store.” duc nguyen UX Director