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Sony Computer Entertainment - Killzone Shadow Fall

Arming gamers to create the next generation gaming experience.


With the launch of their new flagship video game, Killzone: Shadowfall, Sony Computer Entertainment and Guerrilla Games needed a way to engage committed gamers on a deeper level and attract new gamers to the start playing.


The gaming tribe is a sophisticated one. Members are likely to be just as passionate about customising and modifying the game as they are about playing it. However, their time to do both is limited.

Every hero needs back-up. Someone they can trust to give them a competitive advantage and help them reach new heights of greatness.

We created a ‘24/7’ companion service that keeps gamers informed and enables them to customise and manage the whole game experience without sacrificing precious battle time.

Wider community
Gamer‘s friends


Building on the success of previous instalments in the Killzone gaming saga, we took this latest extension of the Killzone experience to the next level by integrating and embracing the new social features of the PlayStation 4.

For the first time ever, players set the rules and gameplay while they‘re away from the console. They can customise almost every aspect of the game through their mobile, tablet or PC - maximising their battle time in the game and engaging the Killzone community to improve the game.


Players can build and manage teams, rank teammate‘s progress and devise new game plans together before and after live battles take place.

Customise and manage your arsenal, aka ‘loadouts’

Weapons, equipment and ability levels can be selected and modified in between gaming sessions, from anywhere at anytime.

Create and share CUSTOM WAR ZONES

Players can create new environments and set challenging conditions to make the game more inspiring for the whole community. In turn, gamers can share ideas for ways of improving the game.


Shadow Fall is the most shared game on Twitch, the world’s leading community for gamers.


custom war zones

Since the launch of the site, 7000 custom war zones have been created and 1000 have been remixed.


custom loadouts

27,000 loadouts have been customised.


Clans created

Over 8,000 Clans have been created with more than 13,000 invitations to join them and over 12,000 invitations accepted.

And, over 1,300 new game development ideas have been created by the community and incorporated into the game.