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Emirates Hello Tomorrow

Helping people realise the power of their potential through travel.


With unprecedented growth around the world, Emirates wanted to engage a truly global audience in a more meaningful and culturally relevant way.


Everyday our world is being shaped and redefined as cultures connect, perspectives are shared and new ideas are formed.

We used to be defined by where we came from, but now we are defining ourselves by where we’ve been and where we are going. Our identities are going global as more and more people around the world see themselves as citizens of the world.

We defined this new openminded and brave outlook as Emirates’ Globalista mindset.

A mindset that’s shared by travellers of all ages and cultures, who see international travel is an opportunity to better themselves and their world.


Everyday Emirates brings people closer - closer to new experiences, new people and new ideas. Every seat on every flight is a chance for Emirates to help shape a new world and help people grow.

So we created a brand purpose & platform for everyone who is open and ready to greet the future head-on - a big idea brought to life in two simple words: Hello Tomorrow. It summarises the ambition, curiosity and appetite for life that gloablistas and Emirates thrives on.

Hello Tomorrow not only drives brand identity and communications, but unites worldwide employees and drives new product and service innovations as well.

Tomorrow greets strangers like old friends

Launched in over 80 markets across the world, the new brand platform brought Emirates’ new mindset to life through communication and engagement that celebrates global travel and demonstrates Emirates’ commitment to connect people and help them realise their potential through travel.

Inspiring travel and engaging travellers

Bringing the spirit of Hello Tomorrow to life across an expanded ecosystem that increased brand channels and touch points.

Tomorrow has many authors

Sponsored content series for BBC World News & CNN International demonstrated the transformative power of travel when people of different talents and cultures connect, exchange perspectives and create new ideas together.

Tomorrow speaks your language

Drawing on the insight that an expression from one culture can sound quite different to another, Emirates diverse, multilingual crew shared unique cultural expressions from around the world in a series of short sharable clips. The clips helped people make new, entertaining exchanges with each other in social media - while building affinity with Emirates cabin crew and the brand.


Emirates has successfully moved into a more contemporary lifestyle positioning, seen as more optimistic about the future, globally minded and committed to connecting the world.

5.48 M

Brand value

In the 3 years since 2014, the airline has become the most valuable airline brand in the world ($5.48 billion)
[Brand Finance tracking].


Brand value

The brand value increased 34 per cent over its 2013 value [Brand Finance tracking].

Emirates’ SkyCargo and Holidays business, as well as Emirates Aviation University & employee recruitment programmes have been successfully integrated with the Hello Tomorrow brand platform.

Since launch, we’ve helped Emirates expand from communications to engagement and service innovation models. Today, we’re developing branded content programmes and lifestyle loyalty services together.