DKMS - aka. Delete Blood Cancer

Recruiting donors in the fight against blood cancer.


DKMS is an international body collecting and managing potential stem cell donors' details worldwide. They gave us the important task of encouraging more people to register as a potential donor on the global database, donate money or volunteer their time.

Cultural Insight

For the thousands of patients diagnosed with leukemia, blood cancers, or other fatal autoimmune diseases each year, only a small number of them find a suitable bone marrow donor within their own family.

By widening the pool of donors as much as possible, the greater chance DKMS has of finding a suitable match for those patients.

While most of us understand how serious blood cancers like leukemia are, few of us know how easy it can be to help. Organisations themselves can often be the problem, using too much information or turning people away with negative messaging.


Instead of bombarding people with statistics or trying to guilt them into action, we took a more human approach. We told the DKMS story in a clear and emotional way, at the same time encouraging activism amongst a young audience.

We developed and online content strategy centred around empathy and interaction. A responsive website, animated films and social media campaigns were created to make users feel involved and even entertained, while communicating key facts and messages in a friendly, approachable way.

This is how stem cells are collected.

If I told you that you could cure blood cancer,
would you believe me? Well it's true.

Easy for users

Visitors to the site enjoy a well-organized, simplified layout that leads them quickly to get involved, mainly through registration or donation.

Something for everyone

Dynamic social platforms feed additional content to the site and support volunteer action around donor drives and other fund raising initiatives.

Simplifying the science

Short films using illustrated characters explain the process of becoming a donor in a simple and charming way, making registration more likely.


The number of people registering on the database has grown significantly in countries measured so far:

+ 256%
German donor growth

Germany: from 18,000 to 46,140 donors (256%)

+ 178%
Polish donor growth

Poland: from 5,356 to 9,532 donors (178%)

+ 262%
English donor growth

UK: from 5,872 to 15,410 donors (262%)

In an independent usability study carried out in April 2014, the report found, "100% of the test participants were able to register online to become a donor and to donate money. This is an excellent result. 100% task completion rates are seldom reached in a usability test."